Hbf Innenhalle - Richtung Nordausgang


Average daily footfall

216 m2

20.75m x 10.40m



This eye-catcher is located in the main hall of Stuttgart Central Station, which is currently being extensively modernized. Stuttgart main station is one of the most frequented long-distance train stations of Deutsche Bahn with 1280 train stops every day and a total of 255,000 visitors per day. Stuttgart is the second most affluent city in Germany, so the target group here is accordingly high-profile: well-off business professionals and commuters on their way to and from work, trendy students and academics who visit the nearby university, as well as high-spending and fashion-savvy shoppers who move to Stuttgart's shopping mile. The Giant Poster is unmistakable for the streams of pedestrians who come from or to the tracks and continue to the basement to the U- & S-Bahn. It offers frontal view from the north exit.