Enhancing Urban Spaces

Creating an attractive cityscape

blowUP media offer landlords the opportunity to either generate short-term income to help with renovation works or create long-term commercial opportunities from advertising.

What We Do

At blowUP media, we understand the importance of enhancing urban spaces while maximising commercial opportunities. Our extensive portfolio and range of  products cater to diverse landlord needs. Whether it’s a building site, empty land, or a blank façade, we have solutions such as Giant Posters, full-motion digital screens, vinyl stickers, NEO, and Vertical Gardens®.


Short Term Renovation

We collaborate with landlords to turn development costs into revenue-generating opportunities through outdoor advertising. By offsetting renovation expenses and covering construction works with visually appealing campaigns, we ensure a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Long Term Advertising

We enable landlords to add value and generate additional income on their commercial properties with outdoor advertising. Not only will this provide long-term income generation, but creative advertising campaigns can add to the aesthetic of a property in the form of Giant Posters, full motion digital screens or vinyl stickers.

Innovation and sustainability

Sustainability is a core part of our business. The banner material we use is PVC free and is fully recycled post-campaign. Our innovative Vertical Gardens® integrate Giant Posters or Digital Screens into walls of plants, positively impacting microclimates, offsetting carbon dioxide, and enhancing surroundings.


ComRes Research

We commissioned the leading research consultancy, ComRes, to survey 2,044 British adults on whether they believed our products could be a positive addition to their area – and they overwhelmingly agreed.

 73% said they preferred a building site to be covered with one of our image wraps rather than standard netting and builders’ hoarding.

79% thought it was acceptable to include a form of advertising on this.


We work with a diverse range of stakeholders, including local government, public bodies, landlords, and the public.


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