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The impact of Giant Posters

There has always been a perception of premium within the out of home advertising industry toward Giant Posters. We conducted some of our own research to demonstrate just how much of an impact they make.

In 2019 blowUP media created the only dedicated Giant Poster accumulated research study

We worked with The Nod, an independent research company to conduct a study on four outdoor advertising campaigns from four different categories. The overall result was an increase in all the key metrics that advertisers want to see from a campaign.

We conducted the study by evenly surveying people who had frequented the areas around the Giant Poster and surveying people who had no exposure to OOH sites at all. This resulted in over 1,000 people being surveyed over the course of 6 months, creating a robust pool of data. Click on a case study below to view the full results.

Edinburgh Giant Poster

The Giant Poster research study and results

Results in short term activation campaigns are slowing down while brand metrics are in decline – how can outdoor advertising help?

The Brand Gap 2 by project works highlights a decline in awareness, consideration, and intention to purchase due to focus on short term activation campaigns at the expense of long-term brand objectives. With results slowing down and becoming more expensive, what can out of home advertising do to improve these metrics?


Consideration is now the key metric for brand building and OOH is a key channel

Consideration is the golden metric for the brand gap which sits between the metrics of awareness and sales. So now 29% of brands aim to move more money from response to brand building. The research shows that OOH, alongside TV are the leading brand building channels and we also know that giant posters boost consideration by up to 26%, therefore making them the ideal OOH format for advertisers looking to switch to a more brand building strategy.