McCains/Brew City – Case Study

Various Cities, October 2019

Who – McCain / Brew City

McCain are a Canadian frozen food company that have long been established in the UK, most notably for their frozen potato products. Their Brew City sub-brand has existed in the US for over 20 years, but 2019 was the first time Brew City had arrived in the UK. The range of ‘Beer Munch’ products are made for sharing and to complement different types of craft beer. The launch of Brew City was supported by a multi-channel campaign including TV and OOH. The campaign wanted to create a perception that Brew City products would be a good alternative to a takeaway and would rank highly amongst frozen food products. As McCain were launching an unfamiliar brand, the campaign also needed to be memorable.



Their out of home campaign was all about making a huge impact all across the country to ensure that passers-by remembered the Brew City brand. They did this by booking three high impact city centre Giant Poster locations; Great Eastern Street, London; Princes Street, Edinburgh; and The Piccadilly, Manchester.



The creative featured a black background with one of the products alongside the strapline ‘It’s beer munch’ making it very simple and clear that this was a new line of snack foods, that are ideally eaten alongside a beer. The featured Brew City packaging helped to introduce the product as an exciting and more premium frozen food option that could compete with takeaway food.


Thanks to our very own Giant Poster research, we were able to see just how effective the Brew City OOH campaign was. After seeing the OOH campaign, 54% of respondents were more likely to purchase Brew City products, with 25% of people happy to consider Brew City as an alternative to traditional takeaways.

Brand usage was also greater with those who had seen the outdoor campaign, with 10% more people claiming they would purchase Brew City ahead of other frozen food brands and supermarket own products. 56% of people who saw the OOH campaign recalled seeing the ad within 48 hours, suggesting the campaign was memorable. This memorability can aid in brand awareness and purchase intent.