Carbon Neutral Giant Posters

Since March 2022, we have been offsetting the carbon emissions of all of our Giant Posters as part of a certified climate protection project.


How have we worked out the emissions from our Giant Posters?

Working alongside Climate Partner, we have calculated the carbon footprint of the entire process. From printing and posting, to lighting and removal of the banner – we were able to work out the exact CO2 emissions for each of our sites and how much we needed to offset to make this carbon neutral.

How are we offsetting these emissions?


Working with Nature Office, we have created our own compensation scheme, that is a certified climate protection project. This project will see blowUP media UK compensating every ton of CO2 produced. blowUP media UK will invest in a Kenyan Gold Standard project, to provide energy efficient cooking stoves for communities in Kenya.

The stoves will allow people living in rural Kenya to cook using cleaner and more efficient stoves. Therefore, reducing reliance on charcoal and wood that create air pollution, release CO2 emissions and damage local forests.

How will this impact our clients?



There will be no additional cost for our clients to make their blowUP media campaign carbon neutral. In addition, for every campaign booked, our clients will receive a certificate as proof of CO2 compensation.

The certificate will confirm the total emissions that have been compensated by blowUP media UK. The certificate also contains an ID that can be checked online for more information.

These savings can be used as part of a company’s own sustainability projects and can also be branded with company logos.




Further investment in local projects


We will combine our official gold standard certificate with additional local contributions. Working alongside Repowering London, we have already invested in a youth training programme to support the development on NKCE’s 138kWp solar array. We are now working with Repowering London on a number of new projects.