blowUP media believe it is our responsibility to do all we can to protect the environment. We are always working to reduce the emissions of our campaigns and now offset the carbon emissions of our Giant Posters.

Offsetting Giant Poster emissions

We have created our own compensation scheme, that is a certified climate protection project. This project will see blowUP media UK compensating every ton of CO2 produced. blowUP media UK will invest in a Kenyan Gold Standard project, to provide energy efficient cooking stoves for communities in Kenya.


The banner recycling process


All of our banners are recycled and stored at collection points after campaign removal.

These are checked, collected, transported, weighed, bailed, and sent out for Energy Recycling.


Sustainable Giant Posters

Upcycle your campaign into Tote Bags


Make your Giant Poster campaign both sustainable and memorable by creating Tote Bags from the banner.

The bags are cut to have the best elements of the banner displayed on the bag. The bags can be customised to add on labels, client logos and more!


Partnering with  Justdiggit

Protecting our climate is one of the most important challenges of our time, which is why we support Justdiggit by displaying their campaigns on our digital screens and banners.

Justdiggit’s method is as simple as it is effective: global warming can be improved by re-greening dry land. Justdiggit carries out large-scale renaturation projects in Africa.