Premium Outdoor Advertising

blowUP media have a rich history within out of home advertising, offering Giant Poster advertising, roadside banners, digital advertising and more.

We Build Big Brands

In our 27+ years in the out of home sector we have brought over 300 Giant Posters to the market and operate premium outdoor advertising locations across Europe. In the UK, we have premium sites in all major cities including London, Manchester, and Edinburgh and in 2019 we operated 32 sites across the country.

As part of the Stroer Group, our market leading offering gives brands the option of powerful, impactful Giant Posters in areas of large footfall. Additionally, we offer the more flexible city centre option of digital screens. Our Giant Posters can be amplified further in the form of roadside banners and by using special effects.


Giant Posters

blowUP media are synonymous with Giant Posters and have delivered huge campaigns on them for some of the most recognisable brands in the world. At 3 times larger than a standard large billboard, the Giant Poster is crucial to any brand building campaign. Our Giant Posters are always located in the heart of major cities so always deliver on length of visibility and scale.

Digital Screens

Giant Posters may well be blowUP media’s core business, but we have added digital screens to our ever growing portfolio. They offer a more flexible outdoor advertising solution and target very specific audiences.

Digital advertising allows our clients to activate their brand emotionally using moving images on high-resolution screens in busy city centre locations and inside social hubs.



Special Build Giant Posters

We are experts in delivering special effect outdoor banner campaigns that passers-by were even more inclined to stop, stare and take in. Whether it is a special build banner or blowUP art, we have a growing portfolio of unique outdoor advertising campaigns.

We Build Big Brands – we have worked with some of the largest brands in the world


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