Long Term Advertising

Adding value and additional income for commercial properties

blowUP media enable landlords to add value and generate additional income on their commercial properties with outdoor advertising.

Long-Term Advertising Opportunities

Giant Posters are a fantastic way to generate additional income for a commercial property. blowUP media work with a number of businesses, including food venues, event spaces, hotels, and shopping centres to install advertising banners that generate sustained income. These long-term advertising opportunities can be in the form of vinyl stickers, frames, and full motion digital screens.


Full Motion Digital Screens

We have a selection of full motion digital screens for brands to harness their creative potential. Our high-resolution digital screens are positioned in high footfall areas, frequently busy shopping streets. As well as advertising campaigns, the screens can be used to share news and promotional items related to your business.

Giant Posters

Our versatile Giant Posters offer a visually appealing solution for long-term advertising. Giant Posters are often fitted on frames which when not occupied with an advertising campaign, seamlessly blend with your building, maintaining its original aesthetic. Furthermore, you have the option to advertise charitable causes or business messaging.

Vinyl Stickers

Optimise unused spaces such as flank walls with an aesthetically pleasing vinyl sticker. Much like Giant Posters, these stickers preserve the integrity of your property’s appearance when campaigns are not displayed.

A Partner You Can Trust

Our team works to ensure that our solutions meet your unique needs and goals, helping you unlock the full potential of your property while minimising hassle and maximising returns.


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