Long Term Advertising

Adding value and additional income from commercial properties

There are often ways to add value and generate additional income from commercial properties. One of these could be by designating an area for outdoor advertising. This creates an opportunity for long-term income generation as well as adding to the aesthetic of a property through the use of advertising banners or digital screens.

Liverpool Giant Poster

Long term banner advertising

Advertising banners are a fantastic way to generate additional income for a commercial property. Additionally, long term banner advertising also creates an eye-catching display on what maybe a featureless wall.

blowUP media have worked with a number of businesses. Notably, large hotels to food and events venues, creating aesthetically pleasing campaigns from brands that suit the image of the venue.

Display outdoor advertising within your venue

Our portfolio continues to grow beyond banner and large format OOH into smaller static or digital opportunities at vibrant and exciting locations.

We are able to develop a series of smaller format advertising either internally or externally for your commercial building. Therefore, covering unused areas and turning them into exciting campaigns that generate extra revenue for your business.

We work with landlords to create engaging digital screens. These screens can be used both for advertising as well as sharing news and promotional items related to your business.