Full Motion Digital Screens

Quality and Dynamic DOOH

Unleash your brand’s creative potential with our premium full-motion digital screens.

Super Motion Advertising Screens in Major City Centres

Giant Posters deliver the biggest impact, however we understand that OOH advertising is becoming increasingly digitally focused. Our high-resolution, full-motion DOOH screens are strategically located in major city centres, providing excellent coverage for urban, retail, and nightlife audiences. Capture the attention of city dwellers and visitors alike with our Super Motion locations.


Digital Banners at Social Hubs

Position your brand at the centre of high-footfall indoor venues that serve as social hubs for eating, shopping, and events. Our strategically placed digital banners feature full-motion DOOH screens that engage your target audience when they are most receptive to advertising. Deliver your message multiple times to ensure maximum impact as people unwind and socialize.

Creative Capabilities

Enhance brand awareness and engagement with our DOOH screens’ creative capabilities: full motion, subtle motion and dynamic copy.