Quality and flexible DOOH options

We have added digital screens to our portfolio. They offer a more flexible outdoor advertising solution and target very specific audiences. Digital advertising allows our clients to activate their brand emotionally. Using moving images on high-resolution screens, always in busy city centre locations.

Super Motion advertising screens in major city centre locations

We believe Giant Posters deliver the biggest impact. However, we also know that OOH advertising is becoming increasingly digitally focused. Our city centre Super Motion locations are high-resolution, full-motion DOOH screens. They offer excellent coverage to urban, retail and nightlife audiences enjoying the city centre.

Our digital screens enable incredibly flexible and dynamic content either in the form of moving images or video. The Super Motion screens light up busy city centre locations day and night.

Digital banners at social hubs and market venues

What better way to reach your target audience then to communicate with them while they are relaxing or socialising at one of their favourite venues?

We are launching digital banners at popular, high footfall indoor venues that are one stop destinations for eating, shopping, and events. Through the use of full-motion DOOH screens within these locations, you are truly able to impact on your target audience when they are unwinding. This enables your message to reach them multiple times, at the exact point they are most likely to be receptive to advertising.