Delivering High Impact OOH Campaigns For Over 30 Years.

blowUP media are proud to be part of the Stroer Group, who have a rich history within the Out of Home advertising industry. Our portfolio consists of Giant Posters and Full Motion Digital Screens across the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium. We are a trusted partner of landlords, delivering solutions to generate additional income for short-term renovations and long-term advertising on commercial properties.


Market Leaders in Large Format Advertising

Giant Posters are the core of our business. In the 31 years we have been in the OOH industry, we have brought over 300 Giant Posters to market. At three times larger than a standard billboard, Giant Posters are key in any brand building campaign. Located in key areas of the UK, we deliver on length of visibility and scale. We are also proud to announce that as of 2022, all of our Giant Posters are carbon neutral.


Premium Outdoor Advertising

From high impact Giant Posters to flexible and dynamic digital screens.

A Trusted Partner for Landlords

At blowUP media, we understand the importance of enhancing urban spaces while maximising commercial opportunities. Our extensive portfolio and range of products cater to diverse landlord needs. Whether it’s a building site, empty land, or a blank façade, our trusted development team will find the right solution.


Enhancing Urban Spaces

Creating an attractive cityscape



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