From Pottery Painting to Go Ape, blowUP media Ban the Lunch


As we approach the end of Q1, Ban the Lunch is coming to an end. Since January, we’ve had so much fun taking clients out to do alternative activities, which definitely took away any January Blues! Having been at blowUP for five years now, I’ve been on my fair share of lunches, which is why I love the Ban the Lunch initiative. It’s great being able to experience new things and build relationships at work!

I was first introduced to Ban the Lunch all the way back in 2020! I took part in so many enjoyable activities, the Graffiti Workshop with the Media Keys team was an absolute favourite. Mastering the art of spray cans and creating our own artwork by the end of the session was something I won’t forget.

After a short break, Ban the Lunch returned this year and it’s been really exciting! The teams I work with have chosen a variety of activities, from pottery painting to Go Ape. Among the standout experiences was puppy yoga – a first for me and a hit with the Billups team! Another activity, which was slightly different but still very fun was the VR escape room. This is not a choice I’d have made for myself, but the enjoyment and team-building spirit took me by surprise.

blowUP media have become synonymous with Ban the Lunch in the Out Of Home industry, strengthening our presence over the years with consistently memorable activities. For the sales team, it’s a golden opportunity to strengthen bonds with the specialist and agency teams we work with. Opting for something completely different and interactive, in replacement of the classic ‘media lunch’ in Q1, has its benefits.

As Ban the Lunch concludes at the end of March, we are hosting the Get OOH Mini Marathon. Although I’m looking forward to being out and about and seeing the great campaigns we have live across Shoreditch and Kensington, I am slightly nervous about keeping up with the fast walkers! That being said, it will be great to show some of our industry partners our key London locations, it’s definitely a unique way to shake up a standard site tour!

Antonia Papaspyrou, Senior Account Manager