Short Term Renovation

Transforming Renovation into Revenue

blowUP media work with landlords to turn construction and renovation sites into revenue streams through innovative outdoor advertising.

Why Choose Giant Posters for Your Construction Site

Partnering with blowUP media presents a dual advantage. Not only can you generate income to offset restoration expenses, but you can also enhance the visual appearance of your property during the renovation. The vibrant and creative advertising campaigns not only cover empty space but also blend seamlessly with the original building’s aesthetics, fitting with the surrounding area.


Our Process

If you own a property in a high-footfall or high-traffic area with good visibility and you’re considering renovation works, we can help generate revenue during renovation. One of our experienced regional Development Managers will assess the site’s suitability and work closely with our operations team to devise the most effective strategy for site construction and management.



Unlike conventional methods of covering exposed scaffolding, blowUP media design visually appealing facades that replicate the building’s exterior.



When the scaffolding is wrapped with the facade, the site will be ready for campaigns to be posted in the advertising space.



When no advertisement is displayed, the space can also serve as a platform for self-promotion, enabling landlords to amplify their business or charitable causes.

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