Bristol City Council, Fostering – Case Study

Temple Meads, January 2023

Who – Bristol City Council

Nationwide there has been a huge reduction in people wanting to foster children since the start of the pandemic. Struggling to find foster carers to look after children and young people in care, Bristol City Council needed to share their crucial message to the people of Bristol, to encourage more people to foster children.



Utilising the advertising space on blowUP media UK’s Bristol Temple Meads banner, Bristol City Council were able to display a crucial message to raise the profile of Bristol Fostering.

The Temple Meads banner is highly visible to over 65,000 people driving into the centre of Bristol on a daily basis – meaning this vital message was seen by over 1.8m people during the month-long campaign.



The campaign had a huge response, with many Bristolians recalling seeing the campaign.

From January until the end of March, there were 125 enquiries about fostering, a huge increase on previous months.

For comparison, they had only received 163 enquiries from March 2022 to January 2023. This demonstrated the impact this campaign had.

“This is an amazing opportunity to have our fostering message displayed on such a large canvas in a central area.

“Now more than ever, it’s vital that we raise the profile of Bristol Fostering. Over the last year we’ve struggled to recruit enough new foster carers who provide safe and loving homes to children and young people in care.

“Thankfully we still have a valued group of skilled and loyal foster carers but we need to grow our fostering community.

“The first of two huge adverts will be hard to miss and we hope it encourages more people to find out about starting their fostering journey with us.”

– Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor of Bristol and Cabinet Member with responsibility for Children Services