Spotify – Case Study

10 Great Eastern Street, London, July 2020

Who – Spotify

Spotify are one of the world’s most popular streaming services and have been transforming the way customers listen to music since it launched in 2008. With the ability to discover, manage and share over 60 million tracks, including more than 1.5 million podcast titles. Today, the audio streaming subscription service boasts 299 million users, including 138 million subscribers, across 92 markets. Spotify wanted to promote London-born artist Lianne La Havas and the launch of her second album to a local audience.



Taking centre stage in Shoreditch on one of blowUP media’s most popular East London Giant Posters, Spotify launched Lianne Le Havas’ new self-titled album on 10 Great Eastern Street. As a native Londoner, the up and coming star was delighted to see her image on a 194m2 roadside advertising banner.



Spotify are known for simple yet effective creative adverts, and this carried through to their latest OOH campaign. Making use of the several faces that blowUP media’s 10 Great Eastern Street Giant Poster has to offer; two sides displayed a portrait of Lianne’s face, whilst another side featured image blocks from her album.


The Giant Poster was a huge hit with the artist. Lianne Le Havas posted two photos of the Giant Poster to her twitter account, which received 1,145 likes and 109 retweets. A number of her fans replied to the picture she shared, praising her for her success and commenting on how great the banner looked. There was clearly a synergy with how premium and success was aligned with a Giant Poster and for Spotify, it enabled them to promote their service alongside a locally popular musician and get social media shares from that.