Process and Service

A trusted partner for landlords looking to generate additional revenue

We understand all stakeholders needs from a site and use our extensive knowledge right from the first meeting, through to completion. We provide full market rent and have forged strong relationships based on trust.

Is your building suitable for outdoor advertising?

If you own a building that needs renovation and wish to use this to generate income through outdoor advertising, then we can help.

If the building is located in either a high footfall or high traffic area with good visibility, one of our experienced regional development managers can assess the site to see if it is suitable. Working alongside our operations team, we will then assist in determining how best to build and manage the site.


How the process works


We create a 1-2-1 banner to cover the scaffolding. This will either be an artist impression of the building or a background that suits the environment, leaving a space for an advert.

You can exclusively use a facade for self-promotion or simply to show the artist impression. We always aim to create the most aesthetically pleasing and visually impactful site, safety is always the priority.

Following CDM regulations, we create the highest-quality, fire retardant, durable material for the very best results. We take care of obtaining all of the necessary approvals, apply for and set up the advertisement space (including the lighting equipment).

blowUP media oversee all implementation and installation steps on our sites.


Sustainability and recycling process

We believe it is our responsibility to do all we can to protect the environment. For the reason, we make sure all of our advertising banners are recycled. We also offer sustainable banner options.