Szeneviertel Linden - Schwarzer Bär


Average daily footfall

324 m2

27.00m x 12.00m



Welcome to Linden – the youthful, vibrant, cultural heart of Hanover! Measuring a massive 324 m², this corner-wrapping Giant Poster dominates the Schwarzer Bär square, one of the city’s most heavily frequented intersections and a key hub in the public transport system. From trendy bars and vegan restaurants to iconic kebab shops, the Schwarzer Bär is a popular meeting spot for Hanover’s in-crowd. As the place to see and be seen, there is always something going on here, be it on the popular Limmerstrasse shopping street with its small boutiques and design shops, at the Faust cultural centre or along the Lindener Marktplatz square. Nighthawks in particular will find plenty to keep them busy thanks to the wide range of clubs, theatres and cinemas. This exciting neighbourhood offers a unique spirit and charm that attracts students, artists, young families and high earners alike.