Mariendorfer Damm - Tempelhofer Hafen


Average daily footfall

64 m2

8.00m x 8.00m



This highly frequented site at Mariendorfer Damm is extremely visible and located in the shopping area of the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district. Mariendorfer Damm (B96) is one of the major radial roads and represents a direct route coming from the city centre (Friedrichstraße, Potsdamer Platz) going in the direction of Berlin-Süd. It leads traffic into the city via Platz der Luftbrücke and the Tempelhof Airport directly to Kreuzberg, Mitte and Wedding and forms the connection between the A100 and Berliner Ring (A10). In direct vicinity of this advertising space: many shopping possibilities, several shopping centres, for example “Tempelhofer Hafen”, “Gropiuspassagen”, the Steglitzer “Schloss” and “Neukölln Arcaden” as well as various cinemas (UCI, Karli, Titania), restaurants and cafés. Several bus stops as well as the “Westphalweg“ underground station are located directly in front of / close by this huge advertising space and generate additional viewers.