Brighton Church


Average daily footfall

105 m2

15.40m x 6.80m



Brighton is the beachside city with more than just its seaside view to offer. With the eco-conscious audience of Brighton and range of small businesses from unique boutiques, to cafes, to music shops, and bustling nightlife, 370 small businesses have set up shop here. Known for its hustle and bustle and feeling of a strong, creative industry, it’s no wonder Brighton is so appealing to business owners and named ‘the most promising start-up hotbed in Britain’ by Lloyds Bank. St Peter’s Church sits head-on to road users, and is also located between 2 major roads, the A23 and A270, making this Giant Poster highly visible to the busy flow of traffic exiting the town. In close proximity to The University of Brighton and The University of Sussex, there is a high footfall with the thousands of students attending each year, as well as big party groups and festival goers heading to Brighton Festival in May and Brighton Pride in August.