Szene Glockenbachviertel - Pestalozzistraße 23


Average daily footfall

13 m2

3.20m x 4.20m



This Giant Poster is located on Pestalozzistrasse in the heart of the Glockenbachviertel, Munich’s most happening neighbourhood. With its many restaurants, cafés, bars and galleries, as well as unique clothing stores and boutiques, the area is a popular meeting point for Munich’s young crowd. The Pestalozzistrasse entices passers-by and residents alike with a contrasting mix of trendy nightspots, tranquil green spaces and converted offices, drawing in students, young singles and start-up founders. The centrally located Glockenbachviertel generally attracts a target group that is eager to spend and is interested in art, culture, fashion, upmarket dining and entertainment.