Spandau - Nauener Str. 10


Average daily footfall

61 m2

7.80m x 7.80m



This unmissable BlowUP, visible for a long distance, is located on the highly-frequented Nauener Straße, one of the main arterial roads on the way to central Spandau, the green and charming district in western Berlin, with its many rivers and lakes, is a dream location for swimmers, paddlers and cyclists. More and more young families are discovering Spandau’s charms on account of its green spaces, good infrastructure and attractive residential areas. The Giant Poster is in the immediate vicinity of the Spandau commuter and long-distance train station, the Spandau Arcaden with its 125 shops across four levels, the picturesque old town, Berlin’s largest pedestrian zone, as well as hotels and restaurants. From a fortress to a cultural hotspot: the Spandau Citadel is another must-see, attracting the public with its many exhibitions, festivals and concerts.