Leeds Call Lane


Average daily footfall

96 m2

12.00m x 8.00m



This brand-new Giant Poster is positioned in the trendy and modern city of Leeds. Being a prime destination for shoppers in the UK, this city features over 3.5 million square feet of retail space. Located just 290 metres from the Giant Poster is one of Leeds biggest shopping centres, Trinity. Directly opposite the banner, is Leeds Corn Exchange, home to a collection of independent stores selling fashion, food, music and lots more. Some of the best vintage stores in Leeds can be found on Call Lane, in fact this banner is positioned adjacent to Blue Rinse, a vintage clothing shop. The surrounding area of the banner has several well-known restaurants and bars such as Las Iguanas and Revolutions. With Leeds being home to the fifth largest university in the UK, this banner is met with a busy atmosphere of students and shoppers all year round.