Building Restoration

Restoring buildings and heritage sites with style

For over 27 years, blowUP media have worked with private, corporate landlords and local authorities to restore buildings and heritage sites. The refurbishment works can be concealed with a shroud displaying outdoor advertising, self-promotion, or an image of the original or future building facade.


Restore a building and finance the works with outdoor advertising

Sometimes the renovation, restoration and maintenance of older buildings can only be facilitated by substantial investment. Not only is it costly, during the restoration process a site can often seem unappealing. Instead of covering the building with standard scaffolding and sheeting, blowUP media can help to create a more aesthetically pleasing site.

Furthermore, this improves the visual amenity and generates much needed revenue towards the works through outdoor advertising. We have worked on world famous locations such as Harrods, to assist with the restoration of landmark buildings and generate income towards the works.

London Scaffolding

Cover  works with self-promotion or original building design

Most of the landlords we work with choose to commercialise their building works through out of home advertising. However, some instead decide to use self-promotion or use an artist’s impression of the original or proposed building design. This is to conceal the refurbishment.

We have been able to conceal restoration works at historical sites such as Kensington Palace with a facade of the original building. We have also used product or brand promotion to conceal works on the historic London landmark, The Tower of London. Whichever façade you wish to use, our production house will be able to create the best aesthetic for your building.


Get in touch

If you own a building or development in a busy area that could be ideal for either short-term or longer-term advertising, please get in contact. We work with landlords all across the UK. Please send us details of your property and one of our regional development managers will be in touch.