Traffic Tower A46 Reisholz (stadteinwärts)


Average daily footfall

160 m2

17.88m x 8.93m



This unmissable, 40 meter high traffic tower shines on Düsseldorf's A46, one of the most important access roads into the city. Düsseldorf, known for fashion, business, art and culture, is one of the trendiest and most affluent cities in Germany. The target group that frequents our Traffic Tower in the direction of the city center is correspondingly top-class: creative opinion leaders and decision-makers, well-off business people, young fashion fans and trendy people interested in art and culture. Overall, people in Düsseldorf lead a sophisticated and pleasure-oriented lifestyle. Our optimally visible Traffic Tower has an effect on drivers in the "flow" of driving and is particularly busy in the mornings and evenings during rush hour - with an impressive 3.9 million contacts per month! In the immediate vicinity of the tower: crowd pullers such as Ikea, hardware stores, the exclusive gourmet temple Zurheide, the event location Castello and the trampoline park Superfly.