Media Wall - Stachus Passagen - Schützen-Passage


Average daily footfall

37 m2

13.19m x 2.77m



Perfect branding platform – our 14 m long, 2,75 m high Media Wall presents brands at eye level. Optimum location – the Media Wall is located on the lower ground floor of the Stachus Passagen, Europe’s largest underground shopping centre, which attracts a fashionable target group with almost 60 fashion, beauty and lifestyle retailers. The Stachus Passagen are located in the heart of Munich, immediately below Karlsplatz and the beginning of Neuhauser Straße, a shopping paradise. Unmissable – the Media Wall is passed by numerous pedestrians as they make their way from the local rail and underground station towards the Karstadt food court and Mathäser Filmpalast, Germany’s most successful cinema multiplex. The shopping centre attracts high numbers of visitors – up to 250,000 – each day: They include commuters, shoppers from the surrounding areas and the whole of Bavaria, along with numerous businesspeople and tourists.