Our first ever green wall special build is live on Kingsland Road

When we began to talk about creating our first ever green wall special build campaign with Inch’s Cider many months ago, we knew it would be an ambitious but rewarding campaign. So, it was great to take a trip down to Kingsland Road last week and see the green wall live and looking fantastic, following two of the hottest days on record.

This month-long campaign with Heineken’s sustainable (and delicious) cider brand, was the second special build we have created for Inch’s. Our first came a year ago, with the 3D plug and 2D pint cup execution on Manchester Central.

The bar was set very high following the 2021 campaign but creating blowUP media UK’s first ever green wall campaign was an exciting challenge. From sourcing the plants and creating an irrigation system, to building a structure capable of housing them – this required a huge team effort from our operations team and the contractors we work with.

Sustainability is such a huge part of our business. Since we began offsetting all the carbon emissions from our campaigns back in March this year, we have been focused on finding other ways to deliver sustainable campaigns for the brands we work with. This campaign involves applying PURETi spray to remove pollutants from the air and turning the banner into tote bags after the campaign is finished.

The plants we used to bring the banner to life, are also sustainable, with the plants being returned to the nursery post campaign to be used elsewhere. Additionally, the plants themselves will remove pollutants from the air on what is one of Shoreditch’s most traffic heavy roads.

It has been a pleasure to work on such a superb special build and I look forward to visiting Kingsland Road again a few more times in the coming weeks to see how the plants have grown!

Matthew Huckle, Senior Marketing and Account Manager