2021 has been another year of amazing special build campaigns

2021 was yet another year of innovative and spectacular special build campaigns. In total, we had nine special builds, across four of our most iconic Giant Poster sites.

We started the year with one of our most unique special builds to date, the opening and closing shutter effect for ITV Viewpoint on Manchester Central.

This was followed up with a series of epic builds on Manchester Central throughout the summer. Firstly, we used a tease and reveal vinyl to announce the contestants of the popular Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle.

An enormous zombie hand then ripped through the banner to celebrate the release of The Walking Dead with Star on Disney+, before being rebuilt with a giant 3D apple attached for Inch’s Cider!

Elsewhere, huge kilts could be seen blowing in the wind at George Square in Glasgow and Borough Market, London. A bright red 3D tap toured the country, from Manchester Central to Kingsland Road in London, to promote Santander’s latest cashback offer.

Finally, we capped the year off with the special build to end all special builds (until next year!): the magnificent 2D monster in the centre of Manchester for Season 2 of The Witcher on Netflix.

We are really grateful to have worked with some amazing brands in 2021 and special thanks to our agency, specialist, contractor, and creative solutions partners, for helping to make this happen. We look forward to doing it all over again in 2022, to try and top what has been a fantastic year for special builds!