Why Shoreditch is the place to be for luxury fashion OOH campaigns during London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week is fast approaching, and blowUP media have a strong heritage of locations that allow luxury fashion brands to effectively target the most influential audiences.

From the 15th – 19th September, London’s most exclusive fashion shows take place in the heart of the capital. The famous event allows designers to showcase their Spring/Summer 2024 collections to an audience of significant media and retailers. Along with Paris, Milan and New York, London is known as the fashion capital of the world, hosting the most influential fashion show twice a year. The globally recognised event attracts a wealthy audience, including many celebrities.

Luxury Fashion and banners have always gone hand in hand. Quality visuals of clothing, shoes and accessories sell high-end products, and banners can provide this unlike any other format. Much like Burberry and their connection with London, luxury fashion brands have always associated themselves with glamourous cities and places. Large format OOH allows brands to immerse their campaigns into these city landscapes, creating a mutualistic symbiotic relationship between the brand and the environment.

At blowUP media UK, we have had many exclusive luxury fashion brands on our Giant Posters throughout the years. An all-time favourite was the Mulberry campaign on 10 Great Eastern Street earlier this year. It’s always great to see globally recognisable fashion houses on our banners.

Our most popular location for luxury fashion brands is East London’s Shoreditch. Over the years we have seen many exclusive campaigns on our unmissable banners such as Ami Paris on Kingsland Road and Burberry on 10 Great Eastern Street. These famous Giant Posters have dominated Shoreditch for years, in their high-profile position, influencing the vibrant audience of Shoreditch.

Shoreditch has always been a hub for creative street art, murals, and Giant Posters. One of the most imposing murals is positioned in Ely’s Yard at the Old Truman Brewery, just off Brick Lane. This mural is often occupied with fascinating art from Gucci, recently showcasing the Gucci Summer 2023 campaign.

Giant Posters are considered the most impactful OOH medium in East London and blowUP media dominate the area with 10 Giant Posters which constantly rotate iconic campaigns from legendary brands. Earlier this year, we conducted research to gain a better understanding of who our audience is in Shoreditch. We found that 75% have disposable income at the end of the month, meaning they have money to spend on things outside of their daily essentials. Moreover, 39% are visiting Shoreditch to shop and 74% spend their money on fashion and accessories. This reinforces the effectiveness of luxury fashion campaigns in Shoreditch as they are directly targeting consumers that are already in the mindset to spend on fashion.

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Mia Fairhead, Marketing Executive