blowUP media UK have won the Creative Award – Classic at The WOO Congress 2023 in Lisbon


blowUP media are delighted to have won the Creative Award – Classic at The World Out of Home Organization World Congress 2023 in Lisbon. Working with PHD and Talon we were able to raise awareness in financial domestic abuse as part of the HSBC ‘Safe Space’ initiative.

The goal was to drive people online to talk about the issue on social media. To do this, we needed to create a compelling and engaging experiential OOH campaign in an iconic location. A model was attached to our Spitalfields Market banner at their wrists and ankles, using 5 ropes. Each rope was connected to a large hand, creating the impression of the actor being controlled like a puppet on string.

The key metric was to raise awareness and encourage people to talk about financial abuse on social media. In total 365 social users captured images and videos of the campaign, with a number of tweets gaining huge traction on social media.