blowUP media UK are offsetting the carbon emissions of all Giant Poster campaigns, making every campaign carbon neutral.

Since March 2022, blowUP media UK have been offsetting all emissions from their Giant Poster campaigns, making each campaign carbon neutral. Working alongside Climate Partner, blowUP were able to calculate the carbon footprint of the entire process – from printing and posting, to lighting and removal of the banner.

Creating their own compensation scheme, that is a certified climate protection project, blowUP will compensate every ton of CO2 produced. This is done by investing in a Kenyan Gold Standard project, providing energy efficient cooking stoves for communities in Kenya. These stoves will allow families in Kenya to cook using cleaner and more efficient stoves. The stoves reduce reliance on charcoal and wood that create air pollution, release CO2 emissions and damage forests.

Importantly, this will be at no additional cost to blowUP media clients and will be offset for every campaign. A certificate will be sent out for every campaign booked as proof of CO2 compensation. These savings can be used as part of a company’s own sustainability projects.

Simon Russell, Managing Director of blowUP media UK said: “This is a massive step in the right direction for blowUP media, and the Outdoor Advertising Industry. We have worked hard to find solutions to reduce the emissions of our campaigns, but it is still vitally important that we offset unavoidable emissions through key projects such as this.”