Method – Case Study

Fulham Church, London, August 2019

Who – Method

Back in the late 1990’s, in San Francisco, two childhood friends brainstormed on products they could reinvent, and improve – and that’s how Method was born. With large companies such as Procter & Gamble taking the lead in the household cleaning supplies market, but with generic products containing harsher chemicals, this gave the founders the idea to create products more environmentally friendly but with fun and elegant packaging. The combination of modern design and eco-friendly ingredients has created a whole line of Method Home cleaning supplies since 2000.


Where – Fulham Church

In 2019, the brand made history by partnering with the LGBT Foundation and seven of the UK’s best drag acts to launch their campaign ‘Drag Cleans’.

In August 2019, blowUP media welcomed drag queen Frieda Slaves to the Fulham Church Giant Poster. By choosing St Johns Church, method and blowUP media were supporting the local community to assist the ongoing restoration works of the church.



To kickstart their campaign, method and the LGBTQIA Foundation created a fabulously fun and frantic cleaning-inspired lip sync battle, which was promoted across all media channels. Methods challenge was set to get the UK to expand their knowledge and understanding of LGBTQIA communities and embrace freedom of expression and diversity.

The yearlong partnership aimed to challenge stereotypes and fundraise for the LGBTQIA volunteering programme. Therefore, creating a stunning special build advert that was certain to turn heads and catch eyes with all of its unique and exciting features. The 2D cut-outs and shimmer effect in the sunshine made a stunning and memorable campaign, as well as raising awareness in social culture.


By blowUP media commissioning a video along with agency Goodstuff, and specialist Talon, the campaign made a high impact on an affluent audience of just under 40,000 people per day. Freida Slaves herself even posted a shot of Fulham Church on her social media pages, as well as Method who posted the video on their own media channels.