Deliveroo – Case Study

Various Cities, January 2019

Who – Deliveroo

Restaurant delivery service Deliveroo was founded in London in 2013. Passionate about food and bringing people evermore choice, Deliveroo’s aim was to bring everyone access to amazing restaurants from all over the capital. A key ingredient of their success is having the best selection of popular restaurants to choose from, and by covering a huge variety of cuisines. Deliveroo were keen to expand their offering even further and beyond London by creating a memorable and regionally targeted OOH campaign that reached a number of other major UK Cities.


Where – Nationwide

In order to expand their reach, Deliveroo targeted 7 major UK cities, dominating in 8 different key locations. Deliveroo advertised on 6 Giant Posters; Brighton Church, Corn Street Bristol, Holiday Inn Liverpool, Paradise Circus Birmingham, Exchange Square Manchester, and City Square Leeds. This was in addition to digital activity on blowUP media’s Supermotion screens in Leeds and Cardiff.



By creating a localised campaign in each city, the adverts featured a variety of delicious fast-food products, popular in each area. The bold and colourful artwork with the mouth-watering food imagery was sure to make it a memorable campaign in each location.


This Deliveroo campaign made a huge impact and was able to deliver their message to a total audience of 7,468,664 people over the two-week OOH advertising campaign. By expanding their reach across various cities, they were able to introduce a whole host of new restaurants and cuisines to a huge audience. Deliveroo now work with over 30,000 restaurants in the UK, a large number of those in the 7 cities they were able to target as part of this campaign.