Looking forward to another successful year in 2022

From special builds, new exciting developments, show-stopping campaigns and successful charity events, 2021 was a very rewarding challenge for all at blowUP. Our successes of 2021 have kick started our motivation for an even more successful 2022! With a new year comes so many new opportunities. We look forward to keeping everyone up to date with some of the exciting projects and partnerships in the works for this year.


Special build campaigns

2021 made way for some of the most creative and innovative concepts that blowUP media has ever seen. From zombies and monsters crawling out the banner to huge kilts blowing in the wind – blowUP media really is leading the way for special builds!



Last year, blowUP media selected CALM as our charity to raise money and awareness for throughout the year. Reflecting on some of the difficulties created by the pandemic, and with mental health being a significant focus, CALM was undeniably the best contender.

CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) is leading a movement against suicide, existing to change the horrifying statistic of 125 people taking their own lives per week. As a result of our auction, step challenge and Valentine’s bake off we managed to raise over £4,000 for CALM.

This is an unbelievable result for 2021 and we can’t wait to do the same again (if not better) for 2022 with more winning fundraising campaigns! With an equal split this year in the charities vote, we will be supporting 2 charities. Charlie’s Challenge aims to improve the outlook for children diagnosed with brain tumours and Dementia UK make specialist support and care available to all families affected by Dementia.



Sustainability is set to be a BIG focus for blowUP in 2022. We will continue to invest in our product offerings in order to ensure that we compliment the environment including PURETi spray, upcycled tote bags and Living Walls. We have a responsibility towards our environment, and we will always take it seriously. Our efforts to introduce a PVC-free material option will continue and we are excited to soon be able to announce the next steps in this project after a successful trial with CMYUK last year.


New Sites

Being a dedicated Giant Poster provider, blowUP are keen to expand our selection of sites to achieve the goals of all campaigns. 2022 will see many new exciting locations in key cities across the UK. On top of this, blowUP will be introducing mural sites to our product portfolio. Mural sites will offer brands the creative reign to impact the local community in an unique way. Make sure you’re following our socials and signed up to our newsletter to be the first to hear more details next week!

2022 promises to be another very successful year for blowUP media. 2021 wouldn’t have been so brilliant without the amazing brands, agencies, specialists, contractors and creative solutions partners who help make this happen and we can’t wait to do it all again in 2022!