blowUP media Promote Sustainability with BrewDog Campaign


In a world where global warming is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, brands are making sustainability a key message in their marketing campaigns and communicating them through Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.

When you think of BrewDog campaigns, you think disruptive and controversial. Which at first glance, might be the same words you would use to describe their latest ‘Beer For Your Grandchildren’ campaign. Although, having a deeper look into the messaging, you realise the campaign is actually a call to action for everyone to make choices to protect the planet for the next generation (Your Grandchildren). BrewDog founder and CEO James Watt says “At BrewDog, our mission has always been to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. But that only works if we still have a planet to drink it on”.

So, are BrewDog practicing what they preach? They are the world’s first carbon negative brewery, with a mission to decrease the emissions per beer as fast as they possibly can. Some of their sustainability initiatives include ‘The Lost Forest’, one of the largest reforestation and peatland restoration projects in the UK. Their aim is to plant over 1.1m native trees to avoid significant volumes of CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Many of BrewDog’s campaigns are communicated through OOH due to the high impact and word of mouth it produces. The recent ‘Beer For Your Grandchildren’ was live on our Kingsland Road banner in Shoreditch, creating a huge impact in person and online. The campaign follows the brands other social initiatives, including their anti-sponsor of The World Cup campaign which was advertised on our banners across London, Manchester, and Birmingham last year.

Sustainability has been a hot topic in OOH for the last couple of years and has been on the mind of many brands and media owners. A recent WARC report states that sustainability is imperative for brands, with 83% of respondents always choosing the brand that practises sustainability in their marketing efforts. OOH advertising can play a huge role in promoting sustainability. Not only does it give brands a powerful platform to promote sustainable messages, but the banner and the installation process itself has been made more sustainable, meaning brands can successfully execute environmentally friendly campaigns.

At blowUP media, every campaign we produce is carbon neutral, which is achieved by our collaboration with Climate Partner. With their help we calculated the carbon footprint of the entire campaign process. From printing and posting, to lighting and removal of the banner. With this information we were able to work out the exact CO2 emissions for each of our banners and how much we needed to offset to make our campaigns carbon neutral. Aside from this, we recycle every banner we produce, and clients have the option upcycle their campaigns. Earlier this year, we won the World Out of Home Organisation Sustainability Award for the four Vertical Garden® (D)OOH locations in Germany and Belgium. The Vertical Gardens® promote sustainability by improving the microclimate, saving CO2 and enhancing biodiversity.

With the recent worries of global warming, BrewDog have taken action with their ‘Beer For Your Grandchildren’ campaign. With the help of blowUP media, they are not only able to promote their message in the most impactful way, but the entire campaign has been executed sustainably, further supporting their mission to protect the planet for the next generation.

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Ollie Hyne, Account Director