Small Change, Big Difference

For Earth Day 2023, blowUP media UK want to raise awareness and money to support vital causes – and do so by working with as many brands as we can.

blowUP media UK are inviting all brands, big or small, to take action and support environmental protection through our Small Change, Big Difference initiative.

We are donating our commercial space at BOXPARK Croydon to four sustainable non-profit organisations (WWF, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, Justdiggit and One Tree Planted) and offering brands the opportunity to support the initiative by displaying their logo on the digital screen for a minimum donation of £100.

100% of the money raised will go to supporting these important causes. Each brand will be able to select which of the four hugely impactful non-profit organisations they wish to donate their booking fee too.

We want as many brands to take part as possible, as each donation will help us to make a big difference. The advertising space will be shared equally amongst all the brands that donate. Therefore, the more brands that take part, the smaller the logos will become, but the bigger the impact we will make.

We are encouraging all of the brands and partners that we work with to join us this Earth Day. If we individually make a Small Change, we can collectively make a Big Difference.


Find out more on each of our four hugely important non-profit organisations below

blowUP media

blowUP media will ensure that every aspect of our Earth Day campaign is sustainable.

The banners showcasing our four chosen non-profit organisations will be created using 100% PVC free material, and once the campaign is over, this material will be recycled.

The campaign will be offset through Nature Office to a Gold Standard, meaning the whole campaign will be carbon neutral.

The Campaign

The Small Change, Big Difference campaign will be live from 10th April 2023 until 23rd April 2023, and will be visible on Earth Day (22nd April.)

All logos will be live on the digital screen for the whole campaign period, and will be displayed at the same size, regardless of the figure donated. 100% of all donations made will go to the four chosen non-profit organisations.

We will provide proof of posting shots once the campaign is live and professional photography will be available after the first week of the campaign.

How Do You Become Part of the Activity

Please email the below details to ma*******@bl**********.uk

  • Your logo in vector format
  • The non-profit organisation that you would like your £100 donated to
  • Confirmation of payment


Thank you for supporting our Earth Day initiative.

If we all make a small change, together we can make a big difference.