Campaign of the Month – November 2022

Google Pixel at BOXPARK Wembley

BOXPARK Wembley has been THE place to be to watch the World Cup games over the past few weeks. With Google partnering with the venue for the release of the Google Pixel 7 Pro, our banners were seen by huge groups of fans and a fantastic atmosphere.

While BOXPARK Wembley have been hosting all the World Cup games, the England matches certainly got a lot of online attention. As part of the partnership of Google and BOXPARK, all England goal reactions were filmed on the Google Pixel 7 Pro and were posted all over social media by Sport Bible, Google UK and BOXPARK Wembley.

Working with BOXPARK is always an exciting project, even more so with this incredible campaign from Google as they dominated BOXPARK Wembley for 4 weeks as part of a takeover for the World Cup.  I look forward to continuing working on campaigns with Google and our partnership with BOXPARK!

Grace Jennings, Account Executive