blowUP media Art arrives on Portobello Road

Our first ever blowUP media Art mural site has launched at Portobello Road. This opportunity gives brands creative reign to explore unique and artistic campaigns that resonate with their target audience, throughout both development and completion of their campaign.

This latest addition to the blowUP media portfolio, will see advertising merge with art – working with local artists, who understand the community in which they are working in to deliver exciting campaigns.


Welcome to Portobello Road


The Portobello Road Mural is situated in the newly gentrified area of Notting Hill, now one of the most affluent and desirable areas to live in London. The houses and storefronts either side of Portobello Road effortlessly portray colour and vibrancy.

Sharing a home with the well-known Portobello Road Market, a mural in this area will perfectly target the culture and character of London. The market is open 7 days a week and has a magnitude of different things on offer such as, fashion, food, antiques and many more, bringing in a diverse demographic. On a single Saturday Portobello Road can have a footfall of 80,000 individuals.

“blowUP media is determined to constantly evolve our product portfolio and offer clients the most creative and innovative opportunities to drive their brands. After successful painted banner campaigns, we want to now offer exciting dedicated mural sites, that are located in the heart of the local community.” Howard Staines, Sales and Marketing Director at blowUP media UK.

“It was hugely important to us to ensure the mural was in keeping with the vibrancy, rich history and creativity of Portobello Road. For the marketing mural, we worked with a local artist, Tom Blackford, who perfectly portrayed the culture and history of the area whilst keeping the creative synonymous with its surroundings.” Georgia Hulkes, blowUP media Operations and Production Executive.

Coming Soon – Brixton Electric Avenue