Hauptbahnhof - Leipziger Straße


Average daily footfall

104 m2

13.00m x 8.00m



This Giant Poster is located in the heart of Potsdam, Brandenburg’s capital and most populous city. Situated at the Leipziger Dreieck transport hub, traffic towards the city centre and Werder passes directly by the Giant Poster. Potsdam has become a favourite destination for culture-lovers, students and young families thanks to its historic buildings, famous film sets and high quality of life. Potsdam has high purchasing power and is the chosen home for many prominent and well-heeled personalities such as Jauch, Joop and Springer, who all have properties on the banks of the Heiliger See. This is what makes Potsdam so contrasting and vibrant: the perfect combination of leafy idyll and urban city flair. The main station, the Museum Barberini and tourist highlights such as the Filmstudio Babelsberg, Sanssouci Palace and the numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites make Potsdam one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in Europe.