Ackerstraße 5 - Worringer Platz


Average daily footfall

64 m2

8.00m x 8.00m



This Giant Poster offers guaranteed traffic at the heart of Düsseldorf’s city centre, at the intersection of Worringer Straße and Ackerstraße, which is in the popular Flingern-Nord district. The BlowUP is particularly visible to motorists travelling from Worringer Straße towards Worringer Platz and the main train station. Its proximity to the main station means the BlowUP is passed by numerous commuters, students and business people each day. Attractions in the immediate vicinity include the Capitol Theater and the UFA-Palast multiplex cinema, which draw plenty of entertainment fans, along with boutique and designer hotels including ‘hotel friends’, ‘Motel One’ and ‘me and all hotel’. Düsseldorf’s city centre, with its numerous shopping opportunities on Schadowstraße and Königsallee, which draw a trend-conscious, fashion-loving audience, is within walking distance.