blowUP media Art

The execution of creative expression on impactful urban canvases

blowUP media art gives brands creative reign to explore unique creative moments resonating with their target audience – in vibrant locations at the heart of the local community.


What is blowUP media Art?

This latest addition to the blowUP media portfolio, blowUP media Art is the execution of creative expression on impactful public spaces around the UK.

Contracted exclusively to blowUP media, your brand will have sole ownership in bespoke locations, on urban canvases tailored to your campaign. We work with class leading artists to deliver stand out projects and present advertising as an artistic statement.

We partner with local artists who know the area, audience and technical capabilities of what is possible at one of our Art locations. Our portfolio of street artists are happy to execute specific creatives on site or can create unique designs bespoke to your brand messaging.

“blowUP media is determined to constantly evolve our product portfolio and offer clients the most creative and innovative opportunities to drive their brands. After successful painted banner campaigns, we want to now offer exciting dedicated mural sites, that are located in the heart of the local community.”

Howard Staines, Sales and Marketing Director at blowUP media UK

Brixton Electric Avenue

Brixton is a multicultural neighbourhood celebrating all that is great about the area’s diverse population. The area is famous to late-night revellers, congregating at the large selection of celebrated bars, clubs and live-music venues including Electric Brixton and O2 Academy.

As well as being renowned for its nightlife and music, Brixton’s young hipsters (‘Brixters’ if you will!) also love the area for the food and quirky shopping from across the globe.


Portobello Road

The Portobello Road Mural is situated in Notting Hill, now one of the most affluent and desirable areas to live in London. Sharing a home with the well-known Portobello Road Market, a mural in this area will perfectly target the culture and character of London.

The market is open 7 days a week and has a magnitude of different things on offer such as fashion, food, antiques and many more, bringing in a diverse demographic. On a single Saturday, Portobello Road can have a footfall of 80,000 individuals.


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