Reach your audience

Cut through the noise with Giant Posters

Our market leading status within the out of home advertising world is largely down to quality of sites as well as volume. This allows clients to use blowUP media Giant Posters to target different audiences, even within the same city.

Manchester Giant Poster

From Sloane Square to Peckham, our Giant Posters can reach a multitude of audiences

By having multiple Giant Poster sites within one city, we can make an impact on the hardest to reach audiences. Our OOH locations are able to target completely different demographics just a few miles apart.

For example, our Sloane Square site which is in an area of high affluence with almost 50% of the audience being AB. Meanwhile, just 4 miles away we can reach an urban audience of mostly C1’s in Peckham.

London Giant Poster

Our knowledge and expertise mean we can find the right Giant Poster location for your audience

Our knowledge on the ground means we are always able to assist in finding the right Giant Poster location to deliver different sites catering to different audiences, which advertisers typically demand.


blowUP media are always confident in identifying the correct OOH site for your target audience. However, this is further backed up by robust data sources such as Acorn from CACI, to make sure you have the right location for your campaign.