Short term renovation works

Turning a development into an opportunity to generate revenue

blowUP media work with landlords to turn a development or renovation into an opportunity and generate extra revenue through outdoor advertising.

This not only offsets renovation project costs but also covers the construction works with a visually appealing advertising campaign. We have worked alongside landlords to create the temporary placement of large-format advertising campaigns for over 27 years.

Why use outdoor advertising to cover your construction site

We know that renovation works can be costly, and that scaffolding can be an eyesore. Therefore, finding a solution that generates additional revenue, as well as covering scaffolding works with something far more aesthetically pleasing is a win-win situation for any landlord.

blowUP media have worked with private and corporate building owners and local authorities across Europe for over 27 years. We have delivered income generating projects through the display of outdoor advertising on the scaffolding during the construction process.


How does a typical renovation project work?

Having worked on so many developments, we have become a trusted and experienced partner for landlords wanting to generate revenue from their renovation project. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with the construction site and not against it, by providing comprehensive project support.

blowUP media oversee all implementation and installation steps on our sites. Therefore, taking any hassle away from the landlord and allowing them to focus entirely on the construction works.

What sort of construction works can we cover

blowUP media are experts in turning construction sites into a lucrative opportunity. It is our expertise that has allowed us to work on so many different sites across the UK.

We are able to cover unattractive scaffolding and hoardings with far more appealing outdoor advertising campaigns. In addition, we are able to create shrouds that are used for self-promotion, or an image of the original building facade.


If you own a building or development in a busy area that could be ideal for short or long-term advertising, please get in contact. We work with landlords all across the UK. Please send us details of your property and one of our regional development managers will be in touch.