The Cube - Hamburger Hafen


Average daily footfall

725 m2

62.00m x 11.70m



Getting Hamburg’s heart pounding! This enormous cube-shaped eye-catcher stands proudly between Fischmarkt and Dockland right at the heart of the Hamburg docks, the gateway to the world. It offers excellent visibility both from land and from the water. The area around the dockyard cube offers an unmistakable flair: innovative architecture such as the exclusive Dockland office building and the luxury residential building Kristall Tower, as well as elegant fine dining restaurants such as Henssler & Henssler, Rive and Marseille, attract ambitious young professionals and trendy agency staff, along with well-dressed gourmets and bon vivants. A selection of iconic bars and clubs provide an edgy contrast. The Haifischbar, the Hafenklang club, Zum Schellfischposten (where the TV talk show Inas Nacht is filmed) and the legendary Fischmarkt are all popular haunts for partygoers and fun-loving young people. The dockyard cube is also unmissable from the water. Huge cruise ships such as the AIDA or Mein Schiff enter and leave the port right next to the cube. Your campaign can reach thousands of high-spending luxury liner passengers, tourists on dockyard tours and even Hamburg ferry commuters.