Kölner Straße 1 - Richtung Schadowstraße - Hochformat


Average daily footfall

23 m2

2.55m x 9.10m



This BlowUP is in a highly frequented location at the heart of Düsseldorf's city center, directly above the junction where Am Wehrhahn, Kölner Straße and Pempelforter Straße meet. The Giant Poster is visible from a distance from three directions, allowing it to generate huge levels of attention. The BlowUP is particularly effective seen from Wehrhahn when traveling towards Schadowstraße, one of Germany’s most popular and highly frequented shopping streets. Schadowstraße, which is home to numerous well-known retailers, and the renowned Königsallee promenade are both within walking distance, and attract numerous high-spending connoisseurs and fashion lovers. Several advertising and media agencies, as well as the relaxed but elegant 25hours hotel, with its rooftop bar The Paris Club, are in the immediate vicinity and draw a hip, trend-conscious clientele.