Jansstraat 1


Average daily footfall

159 m2

22.75m x 7.00m

6811 GH


Unique double visibility in the middle of the city center of Arnhem. At this location we offer 2 blowUPs, for extra impact. One BlowUP is located at the fantastic cornerside on the Willemsplein, right across the busy bus station. The other BlowUP is highly visible from the shopping street Jansstraat. Jansstraat is the connecting street between Arnhem Central Station and the bus stop for the top A1 shopping area. For many, this street is the fixed route to walk into the city center. Many buses, cyclists and pedestrians pass the BlowUPs every day. The corner location is also clearly visible to motorists coming from different directions. Several restaurants can be found in the vicinity. Other well-known shopping streets Vijzelstraat, Ketelstraat and Roggestraat are just around the corner. The combination of the 2 BlowUPs at this location will further strengthen your brand message.