Berliner Allee 23


Average daily footfall

112 m2

16.00m x 7.00m



These two Giant Posters work in tandem to form a brand experience with immense impact right in the heart of Düsseldorf city! First-class location on the Berliner Allee heading into the city centre and within walking distance of the legendary Königsallee. The Giant Posters offer frontal visibility, especially by drivers and commuters coming out of the Kö-Bogen tunnel up onto Berliner Allee. Also nearby are the popular shopping area on Schadowstraße with Kö-Bogen I and II, the exclusive Breuninger department store, an Apple store, P&C as well as famous brands on the Kö – all top locations for the trend-conscious and affluent shopper with a strong sense of fashion and a hip lifestyle. Altstadt, Düsseldorf’s old town, with “the longest bar in the world” and numerous boutiques and stores, is only a few steps away and attracts keen shoppers and people who like social get-togethers.