Wonder Woman - Review for blowUP media 13.06.2017

"I'm the men who can do it"

Review by Kim-Alexis Georgiou

In 2016 Batman V. Superman introduced us to Diana Prince as she super hero'd her way on to the silver screen and nearly stole the show from Bruce and Clark. From that moment on I have been impatiently waiting for the release of Wonder Woman. The sound of that electric cello has stayed with me for the last 15 months and after seeing the campaign for Wonder Woman live on our 10 Great Eastern site in Shoreditch (adapted to be totally retro and awesome) it only echoed louder and I can only thank Kinetic, PHD and Warner Brothers for reigniting the Amazonian fire within!

Off the back of the above, you can imagine my total awe when I came to sit and watch the glorious opening scene of all-female combat training between the formidable Amazon women. No wise old male soldiers watching over them, no weakness, no pitiful slaps, these women ran their world. And it was phenomenal.

After being enthralled by the world of the Amazons in beautiful Themyscira you are jolted into current day (1918) through the introduction of Chris Pine's character Steve. Steve is a charismatic, 'above average' spy who you can't help but instantly warm to. He and his team join forces with Diana in her quest and while they help her adapt to the 'modern' world, it turns out that her total confusion over certain aspects of it teaches them so much more about humanity and compassion.

It's hard to find an adjective more suitable for our protagonist than Amazonian. You quickly learn to realise that Gal Gadot's forehead crinkling is not a sign of her character not understanding but rather the signs of a woman who has only ever understood combat and physical strength prevailing over evil. When she questions the status quo (or why she should be wearing a long gown) it is from a place completely oblivious to stereotype and convention. Which instantly turns the cinema screen into a mirror and asks the audience whose mind-set they would rather adopt. The safe, societal, conformity view ... Or the hardcore warrior who can deflect away bullets with her wrists? I know which one gets my vote.

For me, this film was absolutely amazing. You laughed, you felt patriotic (though you have no idea why) and now and again a little tear crept into the corner of your eye. This film deserves to make history but not just because it's the first female-led and female-directed super hero movie, but because it's one kick ass super hero movie! I hope that this film is the start of an era where boys and girls, men and women, walk out of a film feeling inspired and ready to save the world irrelevant of the gender of the lead.

Now, where did I leave my sword and shield.