Star Wars: Rogue One – Review for blowUP media 19.12.2016

"Rebellions are built on hope"

Review by Kim-Alexis Georgiou

You know you've arrived to see a film with an epic fan base when two people in the cinema are dressed as Jedi's - on a Sunday night! At this point I felt that maybe I should have gone all out and worn a pair of Yoda ears? But alas, it would have been a farce! While I naturally believe that the Force is with me - there is no way I deserve to be so bold. The cinema was packed, clearly proving that even though Rogue One is a spin-off from the original it was in no way deterring anyone's intrigue to see the latest instalment.

As a side note: I have to admit, I was so excited by the campaign Disney booked on blowUP's M4 site. Storm Troopers striding through London skies (waters) and the ever-looming Death Star there to cause mass destruction - who needs Christmas! I was ready to join the rebellion! And at this point my other half usually steps in to remind me that all the scifi/fantasy films I watch are in fact, not real. So, keeping in theme with reality; OMD UK and Talon Outdoor did a fantastic job of matching the environment of the Giant Poster to the creative itself. A film of this proportion deserves nothing less than 470sqm of monumental canvas skyline.

Back to the movie!

So, if you didn't know, Rogue One (this is not a spoiler) is effectively a fill in the blanks exercise from the earlier films of the 1970's. The birth of the Death Star is revealed alongside its creator and his battle between good and evil. There are a whole host of brand new characters whose quickly formed relationships you instantly believe in. A woman on a mission, a rebellion pilot and his droid (who cleverly brings in that Star Wars quirky wit and whom I massively love), a blind Jedi and his battle-scarred soldier companion and a defecting pilot - yeah, I know, an unlikely group of heroes but they are inspiring! You connect with each character and their commitment to the rebellion and spur them on every step of the way in stealing the plans to the Death Star.

A film of good vs. evil, a quest, a battle, a taste of a love-story, hope and sacrifice it's easy to see why Rogue One has absolutely smashed the box office on its first weekend - not forgetting the spectacular detail in creating beautiful dusty worlds in Outer Space you truly do become immersed in the space opera that is Star Wars and its beginning.

With everything that has happened in 2016 and all the uncertainty surrounding the political landscape, sometimes it takes a battle between the Rebellion and the Empire to remind you that good CAN prevail over evil. Also, that hope is the best starting point to enact change.