A Festive Tipple Fit for a Queen 08.12.2016

London - Victoria Station

The big day is tantalisingly close now and the vibe around the capital is definitely one of glove-wearing, semi-impatience for the time off and the inevitable indulgence. That's the thing about Christmas, everyone seems to have their own traditions. They all tend to be a variation of a theme but each family has its own quirks and routines to make Christmas day different from any other.

Bombay Sapphire are helping the clock tick that little bit faster by promoting their firm favourite London Gin on our new Victoria site. A nice additional touch is the fact that Queen Victoria actually features, pride of place, on the front of every bottle meaning that blowUP media's Victoria site really is the most fitting spot to display their Christmas message.

The advert copy stating 'welcome to a new tradition' confidently promotes the idea that 2016's Christmas beverage of choice should be Bombay Sapphire. Thinking of a post-turkey G&T is enough to get us excited for Father Christmas's visit this year ... Sign us up!

If only the white Christmas this year could actually be comprised of Sapphires falling from the sky as the advert suggests ... It would certainly make for a very happy New Year.